Schwartz’s legislation |

Schwartz’s legislation

A partial list of the bills written, introduced or co-sponsored by Sen. Gail Schwartz during the current session of the Colorado General Assembly:SENATE BILLSSB 41: Sponsored by Schwartz and Rep. Tom Massey in the House, would direct the Department of Education to establish “uniform facility and safety standards required to qualify for state funding assistance” for facilities. The bill also calls for a statewide school buildings assessment to check for compliance with the standards, and a system of grants and other financial assistance to help school districts come into compliance.SB 54: Sponsored by Schwartz and Rep. Randy Fischer in the House, would remove bonding limits for the University of Colorado and Colorado State University concerning construction of research facilities, allowing the institutions to borrow more money.SB 91: Sponsored by Schwartz and Rep. Tom Massey in the House, would create a 15-member task force to map the state’s “renewable [energy] resource generation development areas” that might attract private energy development firms. The mapping process would be funded by the private sector.SB 152: Sponsored by Schwartz, Rep. David Balmer in the House, would authorize licensed dentists from another state to work as a volunteer at clinics run by Colorado dentists, and would protect out-of-state volunteer dentists from civil liability under the Colorado Volunteer Service Act.SB 155: Sponsored by Schwartz and Rep. Joe Rice in the House, would permit U.S. banks to charge an ATM fee against accounts in foreign banks, when the account holder uses a U.S. bank to withdraw funds from a foreign account.HOUSE BILLSHB 1012: Sponsored by Rep. Frank McNulty and Schwartz in the Senate, would permit water rights holders to “loan” rights to the Colorado Water Conservation Board for the purpose of maintaining in-stream flows, with no threat that those water rights would be lost.HB 1014: Sponsored by Rep. Kathleen Curry and Schwartz in the Senate, would allow Western State College in Gunnison to offer graduate-level teacher training courses.HB 1066: Sponsored by Rep. TomMassey and Schwartz in the Senate, would enable small, rural school districts to fill out their curricula with online courses and provide state funding assistance.HB 1132: Sponsored by Rep. Liane McFayden and Schwartz in the Senate, would allow water judges to consider water quality questions when weighing certain transfers from irrigation to domestic uses (awaiting Gov. Bill Ritter’s signature).HB 1165: Sponsored by Rep. Claire Levy and Schwartz in the Senate, would exempt any structures built solely for “providing shelter for agricultural implements, farm products, livestock or poultry” from restrictions of county ordinances, building codes and building permit requirements.HB 1190: Sponsored by Rep. Larry Liston and Schwartz in the Senate, would limit the amount of sales or use tax revenues that the state can keep when it acts as the collecting agency for those taxes.HB 1281: Known as the “10 to 20 bill,” sponsored by Rep. Jack Pommer, Schwartz in the Senate, would incrementally increase Colorado’s renewable energy standard, currently set at 10 percent by 2020, to reach 20 percent by 2020, meaning all utilities operating in the state would be required to produce 20 percent of their power from renewable resources.

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