Schwartz is for the environment |

Schwartz is for the environment

Dear Editor:I am voting for Gail Schwartz on Nov. 7 for Colorado Senate District 5 for reasons that will preserve the integrity and beauty of western Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley.I am of the belief that we need people representing us who understand the value of promoting a sustainable form of commerce while maintaining preservation of our natural environment. Gail is very knowledgeable and committed to effective education of our children; the future of Colorado and the nation. By promoting well-schooled children, they will have the skills, knowledge and abilities to understand the inextricable connection between preserving our environment balanced with the need to protect our economy.As former Senator Tim Wirth (D, Colo.) stated in the past, “The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment.” Gail will be a champion for preservation of Western Colorado’s liquid asset, water. She is aware of not only water quantity, but also quality and its value to land west of the Continental Divide.In a recent conversation with her we discussed the need to think generations into the future, not just what is good for our generation. This type of forward, unselfish thinking is why I am urging you to vote for Gail.Thomas S. DunlopSnowmass Village

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