School officer breached trust |

School officer breached trust

Dear Editor:

Thank you for informing the community about a very disturbing situation in your recent article: “Carbondale school cop accused of racial profiling; advocacy group wants him gone.”

While I appreciate that some members of the community have had positive experiences with Officer Agon, that should in no way discount the numerous and compelling accounts by students, parents, and siblings about their personal encounters with him both in and outside of the schools.

At the very least, school and town officials owe it to the students who do have concerns to listen respectfully and openly to these complaints. Once they are heard, I think it will be impossible for them to continue to ignore the fact that Officer Agon’s dual roles as a school resource officer and ICE enforcer have damaged his credibility, effectiveness, and the trust of too many families for him to continue to serve as an SRO.

Lani Shaw


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