School district seeking ‘customer’ input |

School district seeking ‘customer’ input

Jennifer Davoren
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The Aspen School District is looking for “customer” input.

The District Accountability Committee, a community watch group developed for the Aspen school system, has developed a survey to measure “customer satisfaction” within the district. The DAC hopes this survey will help collect the community’s opinions about the school district’s day-to-day operations and overall “product.”

Parents and district staff members have been encouraged to complete the DAC survey, but so have the school district’s most important “customers” – the students. All students between the seventh and 12th grades will be asked to complete a special version of the questionnaire.

“We’re working on a student survey also, and getting it distributed to the students,” said DAC co-chair Shelley Bogaert. “That’s what our goal is this week because, obviously, they’re the ones in the system.”

The survey includes 67 questions on a variety of school topics. The adult version – meant for parents, staff and school administrators – allows users to rate the overall performance of the district, school board, teachers, administrators, even the school’s athletic coaches. It also requests opinions on subjects like curriculum, funding and, one of the year’s hottest topics, attitudes toward drug use.

The student version follows the same line of questioning, but includes a special focus on the quality of class work and “school atmosphere.” Students are also asked about their plans after high school graduation.

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The survey instrument will help the DAC – and, in turn, the school district – address individual problems within the system, Bogaert said.

“We just really want to know what students, parents and staff think about the school system,” she said. “Hopefully, it will help us identify any areas of concern that we can help address.”

The survey will end on April 30. The group hopes to have the survey results tallied and publicized before the end of the school year, Bogaert said.

So far, nearly 250 community members have completed the survey, Bogaert said. The success had encouraged the DAC to make the survey an annual event.

The DAC is encouraging use of the online version of its survey, available at the official Aspen School District Web site at The site features a link to both the student and adult surveys.