School calendar fine the way it is |

School calendar fine the way it is

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Roger Marolt for his great piece on why we shouldn’t change the school year! (“Is summer break bad enough to abolish?”, Dec. 3, 2010, The Aspen Times).

This is an unpopular proposal that enjoys very little public support. The recent Aspen Times poll had 62 percent against and only 30 percent in favor of this change. Opposition and skepticism on this issue is widespread while actual support is very light.

Superintendent Maloy had an opportunity during the Communication Forum to sell this idea to the community, and he obliviously fell miserably short in his effort. No clear or compelling case was made to support this change. The Board of Education should drop this discussion and focus on more constructive initiatives that don’t shorten our summers.

Bob Guion


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