School board supports Tom |

School board supports Tom

The Board of Education of the Aspen School District would like to express its sincere appreciation to all parents, district employees, students and community members for their comments made to the board in connection with its deliberations on the evaluation and contract of Tom Farrell, our superintendent.

While the process was not easy, we feel in general that it was both healthy and productive for the school district. It allowed everyone to hear various points of view, become more informed about the issues and hopefully, in addition to hearing other people’s points of view, an opportunity to understand them as well.

Like the community in general, we as members of the Board of Education brought various viewpoints into the process. We have spent considerable time listening to our fellow members’ positions and have come to the conclusion that given our common goal of providing the best public education in the country, we needed to arrive at a consensus as to what was in the best interest of the school district.

Through honest and open conversation between us, we were able to do so. Both the public process and the board’s deliberations reaffirm to the board the importance of encouraging open communication in the district.

The board unanimously reaffirms our support for Tom Farrell as superintendent of the Aspen School District. We are confident that with Tom’s leadership the Aspen School District can realize its full potential.

We look forward to the new District Accountability Committee contributing greatly to Tom’s efforts to lead this district to achieve our common goal. We urge our fellow community members to support and assist Tom, the Board of Education and the Aspen School District as we move forward to address, in an open and positive way, the concerns and issues raised in the past several weeks.

This will assure a healthy and strong school system now and in the future.

Alice Davis, Fred Peirce, Augie Reno, Jon Seigle, Jill Uris

Aspen School Board

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