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School board stumping

Dear Editor:

My name is Debbie Stone Bruell, and I am running for a seat on the Re-1 School Board because I am passionate about creating outstanding public schools in our district.

The Roaring Fork Valley is a unique place, filled with abundant evidence of the power of people working together for the good of us all ” particularly in the environmental arena. We need this kind of vision and energy focused on our public schools. It is through a collaboration of students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community that we can create exemplary schools that benefit all students and promote the broader social good.

My focus on the school board will be:

– Encouraging parents’ participation in the schools and drawing on parents’ energy and ideas.

– Leveraging the expertise of the district’s greatest resource, its teachers. As the ones in the classrooms with our children, their perspective is invaluable helping to shape more effective curriculum and instruction.

– Directly addressing issues of “flight” and demographic imbalances in our schools.

– Addressing issues and concerns immediately and proactively, dealing with small “bumps in the road” before they have a chance to grow into large roadblocks

As an active volunteer in the RFSD schools for the last seven years, I have successfully collaborated with the district to create positive changes at the schools. I have also experienced frustration at times as I have tried to work with the school district. If elected, I plan to make it easier for interested parents, teachers and community members to express their views, and will welcome their creative contributions to the improvement of the education we provide for our children. I look forward to being an open-minded, responsive and effective school board member.

Please vote Bruell for school board.

Debbie Stone Bruell



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