Scary monsters |

Scary monsters

If Councilman Hershey honestly wants us to salute his pet dictum, “Government which governs best, governs least,” he really ought to use it with the word, “ideally,” in front, underlined twice for ironic emphasis.

Because we all know that, without supervision, many, many enterprises which should act in our interest, don’t. The “governs least” proverb rings cynical and bitter in my ears amidst the latest corporate thievery.

Greed and corruption are so pervasive, we’d be naive to let government shrink to a vanishing point. And, yes, we should regulate our government, too – our (intelligent) participation is supposed to effect that.

Now if Hershey wants us to consider his catch phrase while we hash out what’s best for Aspen and the county, fine. But given his proclivity to overreact to criticism, to viciously assail well-meaning individuals for imagined misdeeds, and to issue marching orders based on the rants of conservative apologists, I would closely inspect for merit and value the opposite of any opinion he writes.

That includes the scariest monster in the conservative closet – new taxes. A mind is a terrible thing to close.

Dan Sadowsky


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