Scarlett O’Hara? |

Scarlett O’Hara?

Dear Editor:

In The Aspen Times issue of Nov. 13 was a letter replying to my letter to Scarlett Adams (Nov. 7) about her being so down on Obama and black folks.

Scarlett, Obama and McCain both did the same change of persona to suit his position as all politicians do; it has been going on for hundreds of years! Now you are angry with the media about presentations of issues of the candidates, all because McCain lost. McCain lost because of his supporting Bush for the past eight years and the poor choice of a running mate. Palin was no more qualified for V.P. than “Joe the Plumber!”

I applaud the fact that you are a co-founder of a charity to help certain African projects ” that’s wonderful. You state that you have great respect for many black leaders in the world, but do you have the same respect for a black “Joe the Plumber?”

I had a number of phone calls about my rebuttal letter of Nov. 7 and your letter of Nov. 6, and each caller condemned your letter and applauded mine. One caller was from a friend of yours from Snowmass and that person couldn’t believe you had written that letter! You claim I missed the point of your letter, but it was there in black and white.

Please don’t try to whitewash your letter, Scarlett, because it doesn’t do anything to change people’s minds. Keep up the good charity work you are co-founder of. I do have one suggestion: Maybe you should change your name to Scarlett O’Hara!

Chris Tessem


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