Scare tactics for sheep |

Scare tactics for sheep

In Tony Hershey?s last letter to the papers, he asks voters to vote for the straight shot because our bridges are so old they will have to be torn down, and we won?t get funding unless we replace our bridges. All this nonsense about replacing bridges and no funding if we don?t is mere scare tactics for us sheep.

The 110-year-old Maroon Creek Bridge is not going to be torn down; it will be left standing right next to the new bridge and will be used for the weight of a future train.

The Castle Creek Bridge will not be replaced either, as Mr. Hershey stated. CDOT plans to keep the bridge for decades to come to allow Cemetery Lane and Starwood traffic to make its way to the signal at 7th and Main. Where does Mr. Hershey concoct this stuff?

As for funding, if local government hadn?t packaged the straight shot with the new Maroon Creek Bridge, just like any other segment of the Highway 82 project, it would have been built by now. Mr. Trapani and some of our local representatives decided that packaging the project was the only way to get the undesirable elements of the straight shot by the electorate.

Mr. Hershey uses the carefully worded phrase ?the state is unlikely to fund.? The state is only likely to fund what a majority of Aspenites want.

When a government that represents a clear majority of Aspen voters requests that a new Maroon Creek Bridge be built or some smoothing of the S-curves be implemented, that is what the state will likely fund and build, especially when it costs the state $50 million less.

Mr. Hershey quoted Shakespeare in his last letter. I particularly like what Shakespeare wrote in King Henry the Sixth: ?The first thing we do, let?s kill all the lawyers.?

Cliff Weiss


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