Scale down lodge plan |

Scale down lodge plan

Dear Editor:The only way to put it is depressing! The increased building of hotels and partial-ownerships has become unbearable. For my family and neighbors, it is going to be like living in a hole! The developers are proposing a 70-foot-tall building, instead of the 38-foot regulation zone limit. This is wrong and outrageous. These structures would mean around-the-clock shade, with little or no view of the mountains.Another concern is safety. We are a family neighborhood with young children. Since they are proposing the garbage and service entrances right next to our homes, this means big trucks! Garbage, delivery and construction trucks are big, noisy and often in a hurry.We are a local, year-round neighborhood. Please vote to scale down the Aspen Shadow Mountain lodge proposal!Elleree FletcherJuan Street residentAspen


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