Say No to RE-1 increases |

Say No to RE-1 increases

Dear Editor:The school districts are back, with their hands out, asking for more money. Let’s review a few things: 1. First, an “override” is permanent, forever. 2. You are going to pay, whether you own a house or not. Businesses that get taxed pass it on to the consumer, you. 3. Have you ever seen proof that more money increases student achievement? It hasn’t so far. 4. Have they justified how they spend your money and teach your kids? 5. Do you wonder why home schooling is growing at such an incredible rate? 6. Do you know any professional athletes that all the money spent on sports has produced? 7. Has anyone dared to show you how our schools compare statewide in all areas such as staff, administration, support services, nonclassroom space, etc.? 8. Do you feel that you, as a taxpayer, are welcome in the schools you paid for? 9. Do you get the impression that they feel you are incompetent as parents? 10. Are you convnced that this time they are telling the truth? 11. Are you aware of the substantial revenue produced by all the new construction and how it is being spent?Vote no on the increases.Ross L. TalbottNew Castle

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