Say no to big development |

Say no to big development

Dear Editor:I wish that our mayor, the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council would again put a moratorium on the big developments here in Aspen. (I do thank the majority of the city council for voting down The Lodge At Aspen Mountain – the Lift One Lodge sounds like a better fit.)We are surrounded by the incessant hammering, sawing and truck exhaust every day at the Limelight and Dancing Bear construction sites. On a positive note, the Pass-Woolery families are great people. Over the years I have talked with many of the Limelight guests who have consistently praised their courtesy and generosity. I grew up in rural Illinois and saw how often the people there helped their neighbors when they needed it.It seems that many of the current developers have lost that ethic and are just out for the big bucks. I think the primary focus for any new development has to include affordable housing for the young people who come here to work so they can enjoy this magnificent mountain scenery and all the great outdoor activities. It seems they are running out of places to stay – both here and downvalley. I feel that these working people are a strong part of our infrastructure. If they have to leave and we can’t find replacements, many of our local businesses will hurt and may even close. Does this sound like the Minnesota bridge collapse?Kerry NewmanAspen