Say no to a one-world government |

Say no to a one-world government

Dear Editor:Just because we human beings have discovered how things work, it doesn’t mean we have created the raw materials from whence they came. Will the superior intellect, after originally causing all of this to come into being, start over when we have caused our Earth to become another unfruitful planet?According to some scientists, the atom bombs we have exploded in the Earth have caused the Earth’s magnetic poles to shift, and the ones in the air have ruptured our Earth’s ozone layer. Some scientists are checking to see if extracting oil from our Earth causes earthquakes.I understand President Bush and other world leaders are meeting, in secret, to force the citizens of each separate nation into a one-world government. One tack is to provide open borders between nations. This is the reason President Bush has not secured our borders. Another contrivance is to encourage the poorest of each nation to invade the wealthier nations, rather than help persons to stay and prosper in their own nation, thus keeping precious families together so they may celebrate their own beautiful customs, as well as perfect their amazing artistic and Intellectual talents.We now have NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Soon there will be other agreements enacted that will dislocate persons and products from the north end of North America to the southern tip of South America and back, not to mention the trillions and trillions of tons of oil needed to facilitate this ill-conceived plan of a one-world government!Each nation, as much as possible, must be self-sustaining. Even now, Venezuela is threatening to cut off oil supplies to us (the United States of America) if we don’t withdraw from Iraq. The United Nations was formed to keep all nations safe in their own countries, and if they don’t enforce human rights, they should.We, the people of the world, must keep our uniqueness as separate nations while, at the same time, respect and honor each other, become friends and try to help when asked.Eloise IlgenCarbondale

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