Saving the trees |

Saving the trees

Dear Editor:I would like to give the biggest thank you possible to the great guys at the Parks Department owners of the Limelite Lodge, Cottle Carr Yaw Architects, members of the City Council, and the inspiration of J.D. for pulling off a miracle! Through care, talent, knowledge, and creativity, they somehow found a way to save two of the three most gorgeous pine trees in town located in the middle of Cooper Avenue, where the Monarch on the Park condominiums are to be built.I also want to thank R.A. Nelson Builders, in advance, for taking extra care during demolition and construction to protect those trees and the third huge, beautiful pine tree on our property across the street (210 Cooper Ave.) next to where the Limelite Lodge will be redeveloped.All of you have worked very hard to save these beauties for the neighborhood, and we appreciate it and your respect for nature.Ricki Newman Aspen

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