Save Thompson Divide from oil & gas |

Save Thompson Divide from oil & gas

Dear Editor:As a resident of the Roaring Fork/Crystal River Valley region, I am disturbed and offended by what seems to be the move to fast-track oil and gas leasing in the Thompson Divide area of western Colorado. The recent proposal to unitize 32,000 acres in the Thompson Divide area is incompatible with the unique integrity and current recreational and agricultural value of the area. The current move to place multiple lease-holdings into a single unit for debate is an affront to sincere and legitimate means of public input and disclosure for a community very much opposed to extractive development in the Thompson Divide area .Not just a not-in-my-backyard issue, the Thompson Divide area holds a wealth of very real current and future economic and aesthetic value in ranching, agriculture, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling, and other recreational opportunities. Although we do rely on oil and gas resources to sustain a quality of life, extractive activities in such a unique and vulnerable area such as Thompson Divide need to be done, if done at all, in a responsible and ethical manner. The recent proposal to lump SG Interests leases into a unitized parcel does not by any means ensure any development would be done with sustainability of the natural environment of which my community depends in mind.I urge any and all of you concerned about the environmental integrity of our region and a viable democratic process to get involved. Urge your elected officials and regional BLM/USFS administration to deny any proposal to unitize 32,000 acres in the Thompson Creek area and take steps to ensure the integrity of the economic and social values of a wild and scenic Thompson Divide.Peter PiersonCarbondale

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