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Save the Wilderness

Dear Editor:

I’m writing today to express my support for the Hidden Gems Wilderness proposal.

I have lived, worked and raised a family in Eagle and Garfield counties. The Wilderness areas or the White River National Forest have been an important part of our lives and will continue to be.

The Hidden Gems Wilderness proposal has been in the works – and reported on by your paper – for a very long time. Proponents have been taking people on hikes to the areas they want to protect. They have met with many people of diverse interests and who have a stake in how the forest is managed. They’ve listened and made adjustments. The Hidden Gems folks have done their homework and put together a good proposal. They have earned my support, and I think they deserve yours too.

Colorado is a beautiful place. We’re lucky to live here. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to keep it that way. Wilderness is one of the most significant legacies we can leave our children. There is too little as it is.

Please take this opportunity and write to Congressman Polis in support of Hidden Gems. His e-mail address is: Attend one of his meetings on Hidden Gems – June 1 in Boulder, June 3 in Edwards or June 4 in Breckenridge. You can get information about the meetings and the Hidden Gems at

Ken Neubecker



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