Save the land from foreclosure |

Save the land from foreclosure

Dear Editor:

In this stressed out, brain-fried, “hanging on by a thread” time of our lives, how do we spell relief? Wilderness Retreat!

The Living Arts Foundation, who has been working to save our environment and wild places for over 24 years has an offer and a need.

The offer: Come … into the wilderness to be alone with the earth, the elements and to be together with a small group wishing to be closer to nature, Sept. 25-27 in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The need: Financial help to satisfy the mortgage on this land by Friday, Sept. 18 so it doesn’t go to auction. What will happen to this beautiful wild oasis then is anyone’s guess.

Time is short and the loss of this 35 acres would be devastating for our environment, our wildlife and our peace of mind. Can you help financially with a donation and also give yourself and Mother Earth the gift of renewed life? Please call the Living Arts Foundation at (970) 925-7018. Thank You.

Ricki Smith Newman


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