Save the kennels

Dear Editor:

Unless our communities step up to the plate, as the saying goes, Alpine Meadows Ranch and Kennels will be sold at auction after foreclosure. What a tragic ending this would be for Ollie, who has dedicated almost 21 years of her life to the care and rescue of all types of animals.

I lived and worked there for more than a year and know firsthand how much work she puts in seven days a week. She doesn’t take days off – just too much work to be done, busy or not. I also know her as a dear friend and know what she has done to save the property – the personal sacrifices she has made, cutting back on spending in any way possible, including personal health items.

There are many in this area who will soon leave for another home, but before you do, it would be a great show of heart for you to step up to the plate, in this case the doggie dish, and make a donation to save Alpine Meadows Ranch and Kennels.

No matter how small or large of a donation you can make, please do so. You can drop donations off at the Bank of Colorado, the Basalt Thrift Store, Paddywacks and by credit card by calling Paddywacks at 970-309-0332.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village


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