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Save the dogs

Dear Editor:

Meet Sport – abandoned, destitute, injured, very sick and devoid of any and all hope. Sport is only one of countless dogs that have been rescued and adopted from and within the Roaring Fork Valley due to the selfless and never-ending efforts of Valley Dog Rescue of Carbondale over the past 24-plus years. One out of every four such successful placements would be a modest guesstimate as to how many have come through the hands of Ursula Shepherd and her partner alone during this time-frame.

Suffering from severe malnutrition, dehydration, urinary tract and bacterial infections, to name only a few, Sport is now healthy, extremely active, happy and very content in his wonderful new “forever home.” Rescuing and placing dogs exactly like Sport is all part of a normal day’s work and is our never-ending optimistic approach that we take deeply to heart daily to rescue, place and find perfect unions between the adoptee and the adopter of our valley dogs who’s very lives depend solely upon our help.

It would take a nation to do it successfully; however each and every one of us including you is accountable and can make a very big difference in the life of even one hopeless, helpless rescue dog in need … to determine whether even a few might ever stand a chance to see the slightest glimmer of light and well-deserved happiness.

Much of what is happening with the dogs in our own valley, as well as in every city and state across the U.S., with the long-term downfall of the economy is that people are “dumping” their pets. As more and more people find themselves unemployed, homeless and/or being foreclosed upon they state that they can no longer afford to feed their dog – so they “dump” them. Would you dump your child? Dumping has increased the homelessness and/or death population of the dogs tenfold.

Please make as large of a tax-deductible donation as you possibly can this year to the Perfect Unions and Valley Dog Rescue year-end team fundraising effort so we can continue our ongoing efforts and as always into year 25 of success for our valley’s rescue pups in need. Thank you!

Please make donations payable to: Perfect Unions Animal Rescue Foundation Inc., P.O. Box 167, New Castle, CO 81647, and you will receive your tax-deductible donation certificate for the amount you donated in return via U.S. Postal Service to add to your 2009 tax return allowable and recommended deductions.

Lynne Fry

Perfect Unions, Animal Rescue Foundation Inc.

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