Save the crabapples |

Save the crabapples

Dear Editor:

Hasn’t man done enough damage to the natural environment? Writers in our local papers have suggested several ways to resolve the public safety issue of bear traffic in town.

One suggestion is to pick the crab apples for making pies as a way to discourage bears from contact with humans. We could replace the kind of tree that attracts bears in the downtown core. Spraying toxins is an option endorsed by City Council that would inhibit the growth of fruit.

This club cliffside attracts bears but it also attracts people who are resolved to distance themselves from pesticides and chemical sprays. We have residents who are recovering from lymphomas and other cancers. These are people who want a habitat where bee colonies can survive. These are the people who know not to crowd foraging bears and to teach others to back away from a mother bear and her cubs.

Spraying toxins in town furthers the cynicism that everything man has done to modify nature has resulted in disaster. Please don’t spray. Support the people who support The Aspen Club.

John H. Ristine