Save the bears |

Save the bears

Dear Editor:I do not live in this area, but I work here and know of the situation with bears this year. I am terribly alarmed and want to do whatever is possible to help relieve this stressful situation. Often we have discussed: If only there were a way to provide food in a safe place! In a letter published Monday, the answer seems available, but for the lack of interest and the funds to drive the development of high mountain feeding stations in this area. There are people here who care and want to be involved, even if Aspen is not their home. Please give the bears a more fitting chance. Putting them “down” is not the best we can do, especially in a community as well known for being affluent and often interested in the well being of others; hopefully including our precious wildlife. If the process of maintaining bears via feeding stations can be developed – many of us would gladly contribute time/money – it might be what it takes to maintain the life of those who are greatly in need of our help. Nancy ArnoldNew Castle