Save the aspens |

Save the aspens

Dear Editor:

I am a recent resident of Aspen. I am not a tree hugger, environmentalist, or a “green” person. In the four months I have been living here in Aspen, I have been blown away by the beauty of Aspen and its surrounding mountains. I have had the pleasure of hiking to Cathedral Lake, Grizzly Lake, Crater Lake and others. Everything about this area just blows me away.

I have learned a very little about the natural trees and fauna of the area. One of those is how all the aspen trees are connected by their root system. I think this is amazing. I am sure they communicate to each other in their own way.

The reason for this letter is this. I joined the Aspen Recreation Center up Maroon Creek Road to get in better shape, so that I could go on more and more hikes. For two months I worked out and was enjoying myself at the ARC. Today I was finishing up my workout and was enjoying the Jacuzzi. The next thing I noticed was an aspen tree encased in cement and the trunk in a metal pipe. I asked the lifeguard about this and she said no worries, only the trunk is real and the leaves are fake. It was part of the original design, and the ARC has had to change the tree trunks at least three times since the original design.

Now I am no brain scientist, but what kind of brain-dead designer thought it was a great idea to put live aspen trees inside a pool area encased in cement and lead? Did they think it was going to make my experience of doing laps and sitting in a Jacuzzi that much better? Come on, get a grip. You have all the natural beauty just outside the doors of the ARC and you have to kill trees. Give me a break. I thought Aspenites were conservationists.

Leave the aspens alone. Please.

While I am at it, I have come to find out that the pond on the Aspen Golf Course is stocked with trout every year. Now I know it gets cold here in the winter. I also notice there is no aeration system at that pond. Seems to me that the pond freezes over every winter and those poor defenseless trout just die and you all restock with new trout every year. Are there that many trout here that you can kill these trout and replace them every year? Please, someone tell me that this is not true.

Russ Myers


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