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Save Shadow Mountain

Bravo to the Friends of Shadow Mountain. That is the name of a group which is organizing to save this historic and pristine beauty.

Shadow Mountain is the west ridge of Aspen Mountain. Are you aware that huge projects are planned along the base and up the face of the mountain, from the Ice Garden west?

Many of us have enjoyed the trail along the old railroad bed. It is accessed at Koch Park and disappears between 5th Street and the Marolt bridge. That section of trail is not clearly defined and housing projects could impair your experience along the base of this mountain.

Shadow Mountain is highly visible from almost all parts of town. It is loaded with mining history.

Speak up if you care about the possibility of visual pollution and diminished views of the mountain.

Let your City Council, Open Space and Trails Board, Aspen Valley Land Trust, and your county commissioners know if you want to save Shadow Mountain.

Become a “Friend.”

Martha Madsen


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