Save bighorns from bikers |

Save bighorns from bikers

The bighorn sheep living at Filoha Meadows up the Crystal River Valley are quite active and happily grazing the silent meadow these days. In my travels on Highway 133, I have been watching their habits. Just yesterday, New Year’s Eve-eve, I saw at least 15 sheep with two males standing up butting heads, on their way to the river. On Christmas Eve, I pulled over to the parking area above the meadow and got out of my car and watched 25-30 sheep walking and eating. I urge all persons who have not witnessed this daily occurrence to do the easy thing and drive down Highway 133, and see the spectacle for yourselves. It is easy to see from the pull-off. It is so quiet. So clean. So primitive.

Then imagine an asphalt bike trail through the meadow, with bicycles, hikers, walkers, dogs, skiers, snowshoers: This would not be co-existing, this would be invasion.

Happy New Year.

Nancy Chromy



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