Save Aspen from the bomb |

Save Aspen from the bomb

Well, a “build” has finally come right out and said it. Jeffrey Evans stated that a new entrance needs to be a four-lane highway; that if it is only two lanes, traffic will remain just as backed up as it is now, except that some of it will be sitting in a tunnel.

So, we (the “No-builds” and the “builds”) are in agreement on this point. A new alignment will not alleviate the traffic problem. The confusion here is that the other “builds” (a group called EASE, represented in part by David Guthrie), are saying that no way, ever, ever will they support a four-lane highway; they only want a two-lane highway.

Yet, they want to spend many millions of dollars, tarnish our open space and character and have years of construction to change the alignment when it won’t solve the traffic problem? Amazing and confusing, isn’t it?

Of course, I have always suspected that approval of the straight shot would ultimately bring a four-lane road into Aspen, something that most Aspen dwellers don’t want.

Councilman Tom McCabe was quoted in the Aspen Daily News some time ago as saying, “If CDOT tries to build a four-lane highway across the Marolt Open Space, I’m going to take a bomb making class off the Internet.”

So, it sounds to me like he’d better be voting for the S-curves, because if the straight shot passes he’ll be too busy online to represent his constituents.

Save Aspen from the bomb. Vote for the S-curves.

Donna Fisher


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