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Save a trolley

(This letter was originally addressed to Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud.)

I want to implore you to take a stand to ensure that the City Council preserves ONE trolley for Aspen. I think it is unconscionable that the council is taking such drastic action at the risk of betraying the public trust.

I think that you are right that soon the council will wish that they could rescind their hasty and regrettable action. I think that you must realize that the council is making an irreversible mistake not to keep one trolley to use for local Victorian charm.

It is only a matter of time before we realize numerous uses for one lovely restored trolley. There are hundreds of people who would not have wanted the trolleys on rails, but they would be delighted to have one trolley adding Victorian charm to our Victorian town.

Helen, what words can I use to implore you to find a way to preserve the ONE restored trolley for Aspen’s own use?

When I phoned the director of marketing of the Aspen Music Festival today to inquire if they could use the trolley for merchandising and sales, I was told that they could not use the trolley because of the incompatibility of the other architecture of the buildings, but I was assured that there would be “many other people in Aspen who would be delighted to use the trolley locally.”

Helen, before it is too late, PLEASE find a way to keep the ONE restored trolley. Can you imagine going to Lisbon to purchase a trolley, finally getting it restored, and then having someone give it away just when you thought the public was finally going to enjoy it?

I am a “man of my word” and I assure you that I have no interest in putting the trolley on rails. Please save the ONE restored trolley and be the hero of the hour before this mistake is irreversible!

Susan C. O’Neal


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