Save a skier, remove a tree |

Save a skier, remove a tree

Dear Editor:

I read with unrest the article about planting trees on Ajax in honor of the winners of this year’s much anticipated World Cup races (“Winternational winners will be honored in unique way,” The Aspen Times, Nov. 23, 2009).

There are already far too many trees on Aspen Mountain. They pose a series of problems – from being sickly, insect-hosting eyesores to dangerous, career-ending obstacles. Hitting a tree while skiing can be fatal. They also decrease the ski-able acreage on Aspen Mountain, sadly preventing it from being the best mountain in our area. There are many ski-able lines on Aspen Mountain that are obstructed and unski-able – by trees. The Indians who set Snowmass on fire are the true visionaries of skiing in our valley.

I humbly propose that every time a skier completes the World Cup course, a tree is removed. This applies to forerunners, practice runs, race officials and course workers as well. That way everyone can be honored, not just the winners. We could achieve a modest goal of a completely treeless Ajax by 2014.

Lo Semple


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