Sauconys hit the mark, again and again |

Sauconys hit the mark, again and again

You can have your Ugg boots, your Crocs, your running shoes pumped up like a zeppelin.

You can have your shoes with built-in odometers, your shoes with wheels, your shoes with so many garish colors that it looks like you’re wearing miniature parade floats. You can have your boots covered in hair (yeti boots to the layman) or those that make you look like you’re preparing for a lunar landing.

Me? I keep things simple. If I could, I’d wear sandals year-round. After trudging through a few inches of fresh snow in thongs on election night, I learned the hard way that this is not possible. My feet were bluer than California, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

No matter. I had the next best thing waiting in the wings: My trusty pair of Saucony Courageous.

To say I’m in love with these sneakers is an understatement. Heck, I buy them in bulk, like toilet paper and frozen pizzas. If they ever discontinue the style, I’m all set.

They’re as comfortable as wearing socks on plush carpet and fit my canoe-shaped appendages snugly. The classic design is straightforward, practical and economical; I can’t put a price on these shoes, but most online retailers sell a pair for just $55.

They come with a sturdy rubber sole, are covered in unassuming yet surprisingly resilient suede-like material and have a hard plastic stability clip covering the heel. And the shoe’s two colors ” gray and light gray ” are ideal for a guy who’s not exactly fashion-forward. (My sense of style was recently referred to as L.L. Bean light.)

I’ve been wearing these things since high school, back when I worked at a car wash, played American Legion baseball and smoked Swisher Sweets. Needless to say, my shoes were much cooler than I was.

When I moved on to Syracuse University, I did so with my Sauconys in toe. I wore those things in rain and snow, from British History to Communications Law, fraternity parties to flag football games.

As much as things change, they stay the same.

Sure, I branched out from time to time. I tried New Balance’s equivalent (too trendy), and even bought a pair of orange Pumas (too tight and too orange). I bought a pair of Vasque hiking boots for inclement weather and even went through a weird moccasin-wearing phase. (At least I didn’t pair them with a beret.)

I keep coming back to Sauconys. They’re great for the gym, for walking around town, for scampering up and down the boulders at the Grottos on Independence Pass. They’re great for long bike rides, long runs and long days in front of the computer. They’re perfect for walks to the Gondola Plaza when you’d rather carry your ski boots. And I don’t worry about someone pilfering them because, 1. They have a big hole in the right toe (I wear these things until they fall off my feet) and smell like a mixture of wet dog and football locker room, and, 2. I can actually afford to replace them.

They say you can learn a lot about a man by walking a mile in his shoes. I hope he’s wearing Sauconys.

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