Sasquatch sighting near Snowmass Creek? |

Sasquatch sighting near Snowmass Creek?

We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but about a month ago we received this photo of a Sasquatch spotted in the Snowmass Creek Valley from Basalt resident Cam Burns. Here is the story, in his own words:

“Tripp Hyde and I were walking down the main dirt road into the Snowmass Creek Valley early this morning when we sighted a creature off in the distance. At first we thought it was a bear, but as it came down a little hill northwest of the dirt road, we realized it wasn’t a bear. It was a rare Basalt Sasquatch. This little fella (the Basalt sub species grows to only 170 pounds or thereabouts) had a apparently wandered out of his traditional territory (see attached map, and and had moved up the Snowmass Creek valley. Tripp and I speculated that he was searching for late-season berries until he wandered over to an local Dumpster and started going through empty beer bottles.

Quietly, we circled around until we were quite close, but then he saw us and ran off toward the upper Snowmass Creek area (a white thing trailing the animal appeared to be a roll of toilet paper). Unfortunately, the only photo we were able to get is quite blurry.

Anyway, it was a remarkable experience seeing this unique indicator species so close (Tripp thinks he was upvalley as a result of global climate change), and a reminder that we live in a special area and must treat it as such.”

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