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Sardy House up for sale

Janet Urquhart
Paul Conrad/The Aspen Times

Aspen’s landmark Sardy House is on the market for $20 million after a plan to sell membership interests in the former hotel fizzled.Owners Frank Peters and Daniel Delano closed the hotel operation at the stately Main Street Victorian in early 2003 and turned it back into a well-appointed, single-family residence. At the time, they announced they would offer 25 membership interests in the luxury home, initially priced at $750,000 apiece.”We got some interest. We had one person who was interested in buying in, but we just didn’t have enough people to make it work,” Peters said.It has attracted interest as a rental property, though, going for between $5,000 and $15,000 a night, depending on the season, he said.The listing for the Sardy House includes both the six-bedroom main house and the Carriage House to the rear, which is currently operating as a luxury inn, and includes a one-bedroom townhouse and eight guest bedrooms.The parcel is co-listed with brokers Craig Morris of Morris & Fyrwald, and Sean de Moraes, general manager at the Sardy House.”Quite a few people who have come through have expressed serious interest in it,” de Moraes said. “It’s really surprising how many people have looked at it as a single-family home with a guest wing.”Other prospective buyers have eyed the property as a corporate retreat, he said.Promotional literature on the property notes it’s “the town’s largest and most luxurious property” on the market. A brief history of the house, built in 1892, is also provided, though it doesn’t mention its one-time use as a funeral parlor.Peters and Delano purchased the property in 1985 and converted it into a high-end hotel that featured an intimate restaurant, Jack’s, on the main floor. The Carriage House was built at that time, as well.The property comes with two Land Rover Discoveries and, between the main house and the Carriage House, offers a total of 16 bedrooms, 18 full bathrooms, two fireplaces, three kitchens and two caretaker bedrooms with bathrooms. The 700-square-foot master suite boasts his and hers baths, two steam showers, a “tea for two” whirlpool tub and a dry bar with a refrigerator.The Sardy House grounds have long been a community gathering place during the holiday season, when the giant spruce out front is lit as the town’s Christmas tree. The tradition is noted in the promotional literature, which informs prospective buyers that the property includes the tallest living Christmas tree in the country and is the focus of Aspen’s annual lighting ceremony.Whether that tradition continues with the next change in ownership, however, remains to be seen.”I think it’s kind of one of the unwritten laws of owning the Sardy House,” de Moraes said.Janet Urquhart’s e-mail address is

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