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‘Sandwich-Board Lady’ sounds off

Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Michael Kaplan, CEO of Aspen Skiing Co.Dear Mr. Kaplan:

Yesterday, to my total astonishment while cutting through the gondola plaza in Aspen, Christian Knap came up to me and asked if I was aware I was on private property. I responded that I did but that I have been allowed to spend small amounts of time in the area ever since the plaza was built – that I had been doing this job for going on 34 years and never once had a problem with the ski company.

There was a certain amount of back and forth where I

kept emphasizing the above, and he kept talking about attorneys.

I need to know if he is being used to execute the dictums of the higher-ups (namely yourself) or if there has been a misunderstanding. I’ve gone out of my way to stay on the good side of the ski company for decades – I have represented Shlomo’s, Montagne and Aspen Skiing Co.’s summer programs in the past without incident. The people like me – I give directions to visitors in the absence of ski company personnel during certain hours – I could go on and on. So I need to know: If I am suddenly persona non grata, why? No need to employ a troop of attorneys or to send long, posturing letters. I’m not about to squabble over a few square yards of sidewalk like South Side of Chicago gangbangers. I just need to know where I stand with the company and why, if an explanation is in order.

I have truly appreciated the ski company allowing me to walk around the plaza for so many years (I’m seldom there in the summer. It is too hot.

In the winter I drift through about twice each shift of an hour.) I have never bad-mouthed the ski company and to this day send all my breakfast inquiries to the Little Nell (Montagne) restaurant. I shall be very saddened if there is a shift in attitude and I am no longer considered part of the fabric of Aspen by your company.

Patricia Milligan

Owner, Pat’s Promotions


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