Sandbox politics |

Sandbox politics

Dear Editor:

I usually don’t write about national politics, and I suspect (hopefully) by midnight tonight those elected to serve will have reached a settlement surrounding the debt ceiling battle. Otherwise, the people whom our elected officials serve will be feeling the yet to be determined (scary) negative financial effects of their testosterone.

After watching our leaders, and I use the term very loosely, in what can only be called an embarrassing display of “sandbox politics,” my thought is to start a campaign to recall everyone, and start all over.

I wonder how would fare?

I am sure (not so sure) both parties believe what they are saying (promoting), although that might be a stretch at times (more than at times), which brings the country full circle to the real problem -neither party is willing to play nice.

Instead, the vile rhetoric rivals the cast of “Jersey Shore,” or any of the dysfunctional reality series currently on television.

With unemployment destroying families, millions in need of a roof over their heads, children going hungry, the education system headed in the wrong direction, and the general spirit of the country at an all-time low, you would think (not a lot of that going on) those elected to lead would lead – and not bicker like a bunch of old women (no offense to old-woman bickering – just using the term to make a point).

Instead, the country’s dirty laundry finds itself the lead story on every media platform in the world (not exactly great PR).

The sad truth is what the country needs more than anything else at this time are a few adults to stand up and take control of the playground.

The solution is not so much complex as it is the ability of our leaders to step back, take a deep breath, shake hands, and agree to share the sandbox.

The problem is, I’m just not sure a bunch of 5-year-olds can put their emotions in check long enough to do what they were elected to do.

With everything said, might be the best solution of all.

Andrew Kole


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