Saluting the wrong hero |

Saluting the wrong hero

Dear Editor:The last couple days here all the press has done is hold Hunter Thompson in some kind of hero status, when in all actuality, he died a weak, spineless, cowardly death. The man committed suicide! I have heard and read that he was on drugs and held some sort of court with alcohol – some example for the youth here.There are parents out there that are struggling with children that are ill, that have physical disabilities, trying to teach their children to be individuals and not follow the crowd, to stay off drugs and not drink, dress and think for themselves as opposed to having Hollywood tell them what is in at the moment. These parents are trying to teach that right is right, wrong is wrong, in opposition to what society claims that anything goes, and everything is relative. These are people that should be held up as heroes.You have groups around here like T-Lazy 7, Make a Wish program, the Buddy Program and others that should be held in high esteem and on the hero list as they give and do for others without thinking of a bottom line or possibly a loss of time for themselves. There are children that live in constant pain due to an illness, some that are living with challenges that they never asked for, returning vets that have to learn to use other limbs and don’t feel they can do anything, when a place like T-Lazy 7 shows them they can and opens that door. Children that are in wheelchairs that are being taught that there isn’t anything they can’t do if they try. These are the kids, the parents, the groups that hang in there against all odds and are the real heroes – not the weak cowards of society that constantly are held in high regard.Please don’t tell me I know not of what I speak. My oldest son, who is 37, is one that is ill and in constant pain, but he holds a job, thinks that maybe tomorrow will hold a cure, and that there is a silver lining, while mom here thinks of him as a hero because he deals with the odds. Life is worth living, and you can ask any parent that deals with this and the parents out there that are teaching their children that the substances that can harm them are wrong, regardless of what the so called village says, because that so called village can neglect and abuse your children as well.This man Hunter committed suicide, took the weak way out, and left behind someone that in all actuality, when reality sits in, probably wonders why.Ida Marie Palisin KingCarbondale