Sales tax distribution set |

Sales tax distribution set

Staff report

Pitkin County commissioners on Wednesday officially set the 2016 distribution rates for the county’s 2 percent sales tax revenue.

Under a law adopted in 1978, the county perennially receives 43 percent of the total, while the remaining 57 percent is distributed among Basalt, Snowmass Village and the city of Aspen. The percentages each municipality in the county receives are adjusted annually based on the amount of sales tax collected in each city.

This year, Aspen will receive 44 percent of the total, or 0.6 percent more than last year, while Snowmass Village’s cut goes down 1 percent to about 11 percent of the total, and Basalt’s share decreases 5.4 percent to about 2 percent of the total.

The sales tax is projected to bring in nearly $20 million in 2016, according to county estimates. That means the county will receive about $8.5 million, Aspen will get nearly $8.7 million, Snowmass Village will receive about $2.2 million and Basalt gets about $465,000, according to the estimates.

The tax generated $18.1 million in 2014 and about $16.1 million between January and October 2015, according to the estimates.


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