Salazar’s conservation ethic |

Salazar’s conservation ethic

Dear Editor:I want to thank Rep. John Salazar for listening to the people of our community and taking a stand to protect the Thompson Divide from oil and gas development. This is a matter of great importance to us in Carbondale, as the Thompson Divide landscape lies upwind and upstream of us.Rep. Salazar did exactly what I would expect a responsible elected official to do. He met with the Thompson Divide Coalition early on, and he encouraged them to get buy-in from all the concerned parties and support from the affected counties. Then, when they’d done that, he kept his promise and committed to introduce legislation.Incidentally, Rep. Salazar is also advancing legislation to protect several other public lands parcels elsewhere in his district. His opponent, Scott Tipton, is of the “drill baby drill” school of politics, and has staked out extreme Tea Party positions on most other issues.For common sense, for fairness, and above all for his conservation ethic, I will be voting for John Salazar on Nov. 2.Dave ReedCarbondale

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