Salazar works for all of us |

Salazar works for all of us

Dear Editor:

As a mother of two young children it concerns me to hear any candidate running for public office wanting to remove the Department of Education. Logically, the first question that comes to my mind is, “And do what?” I support public education choice for all children. Our nation is dependent upon a consistent level of quality public education that is accessible to all children – regardless of socioeconomic station or ethnic background. Freedom is opportunity, and opportunity is created with an educated public.

I want a proven leader dedicated to the founding principles of quality public education for all children. I want a leader representing my children in Washington for funding toward early head start programs; improving teachers’ salaries; and providing our schools with learning tools and resources to help children achieve academically. I want a legislative fighter who will continue to improve our lives with quality health care, sustainable food production, and funding that creates high-paying jobs for all. I want a leader who has shown a commitment toward protecting the fiscal integrity and viability of our nation; and investing in programs that create opportunities for many – instead of a few. Scott Tipton is not that leader!

Our country has endured the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and I am proud that Congressman John Salazar was our representative, making our voices heard in Washington. He has been Colorado’s family advocate in Washington, protecting and improving educational opportunities for our children. He knows that valuing and committing to public education will ensure our place as a competitor in the changing global economy. He understands that job security is reliant on an educated work force. Congressman John Salazar has proven he works for all of us.

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

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