Salazar is ‘our man of the land’ |

Salazar is ‘our man of the land’

Dear Editor:

John Salazar is the conservation champion we need in the next Congress. He has a solid record on public lands conservation measures that are important to us on the Western Slope. And his pragmatic approach to getting things done will be the winning formula in a rejigged Congress.

John Salazar knows that a balanced approach to resource development is the right course. His positions have underscored the importance of protecting our Western Slope quality of life by ensuring that natural gas development is done right. Yes, we need sources of energy to power our communities and provide jobs, but we will also need an intact landscape to rely on long after the gas boom goes bust. John Salazar knows this, and his many efforts, like supporting the Thompson Divide Coalition, show his commitment.

John Salazar supported efforts to clean up the air in southwest Colorado, to clean up water in Pueblo, to protect irreplaceable archaeological sites outside of Grand Junction, to protect Crested Butte from the ravages wrought by a molybdenum mine, to protect a critical lynx migration corridor at Wolf Creek Pass from appalling ski area development, and adding treasured landscapes in the Mount Sneffels area to the San Juan Wilderness.

I am voting for John Salazar, and I hope you do too. A win by his opponent, millionaire banker Scott Tipton, will set back conservation efforts on the Western Slope for decades. So, let’s rally and keep our man of the land in office.

Sloan Shoemaker


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