Salazar clearly best |

Salazar clearly best

Dear Editor:As I watched the debate between Pete Coors and Ken Salazar on “Meet the Press” recently, it was obvious to me that Salazar was more detailed in his plans, knowledgeable of current policies and had the best awareness of current events. His quick response to questions showed his extensive background, public service experience and understanding of all the issues.Coors was stuck on generalizations and party politics. I do feel Coors is probably a good person, but he just doesn’t have the understanding and experience it takes to represent the people of Colorado in Washington.At times during his campaign he didn’t have answers to certain questions, as he was unfamiliar with the subject at hand. This lack of awareness would turn into another rubber stamp of party politics in Washington. This is not what we need in America. We need an experienced and knowledgeable individual like Salazar. I was surprised how Coors was quick to belittle the many years of public service by Salazar. Dismissing Salazar as being a bureaucrat only ridicules others who have dedicated their lives to serve the public. If Coors feels this way it is obvious to me he doesn’t have the capabilities to serve in the U.S. Senate. It doesn’t take any imagination to see how ineffective Coors would be in Washington due to his belittling of other public servants and his lack of experience and understanding of the process of politics in our country.What impressed me most about Salazar: He isn’t a toe-the-party-line politician. He wasn’t afraid to disagree with the Democratic Party as to what he feels is best for the people of Colorado.I am an unaffiliated voter and a Vietnam Veteran who looks at both parties depending on the candidates and the issues they support. I am going to do what is best for the people of Colorado and vote for Salazar, as he has worked for many years within the Colorado government and has a sense of how to get things done.Please help send the best we can to Washington from Colorado and vote for Ken Salazar for Senate.LJ ErspamerAspen

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