Salazar backs Ireland

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Mick Ireland in his campaign for re-election as mayor of Aspen.

Currently, I have the honor of serving you in the U.S. House of Representatives, and in that role I have had the opportunity to work with Mayor Ireland on many issues. Through his understanding of land use, transportation and environmental issues Mick has earned my respect and the respect of many leaders on the Western Slope. He has shown himself to be an honest, hard-working champion for the Aspen community on many issues, and he is well respected by lawmakers throughout the state.

Over the years Mick has shown that he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and take on the tough issues facing the Roaring Fork Valley. He has been instrumental and inventive in his drive to expand public transit and affordable housing, and he commands an institutional knowledge of Pitkin County’s challenging land issues.

On a personal note, what I see in Mick Ireland is a true love and a dedication to his community. It is that love and dedication that has been the drive behind his long career in public service. When Mick walks through my door in Washington I know he’s not there for himself; he’s there to fight for the health and welfare of his beloved community in Aspen. Please support his re-election as your mayor.

Congressman John Salazar

Third District of Colorado


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