Sagittarius |


Sagittarius – You start a month of great value, of getting, giving and growing it. You will shine on others and attract them to your glow! Mid-week you also start a month of solidifying your value and wisdom about you and what really matters to you, and will get new deeper levels of your own worth. You also start a year of great expansion of friendships.

General Comment for all astrology signs for the week: With four planets in Sagittarius we will all be flying high, seeking big answers to big questions in life and by mid-week will also be starting a month of getting those answers incorporated into our belief system. That includes seeking higher value and looking for new directions and answers so stay open to the new and unusual, to surprises and new adventures and possibilities. Lots of energy to build structure in life. Visit for personal Daily Astrology. © 2004 Tomas Gregory


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