Safety, not alcohol consumption, comes first |

Safety, not alcohol consumption, comes first

Dear Editor:

After working on the ski patrol on Aspen and Snowmass mountains for 25 years, I feel compelled to respond to some recent complaints about limiting alcohol consumption at the Cloud Nine restaurant.

Unfortunately those few letter-writers do not seem concerned about someone’s overindulgence and becoming a missile flying down the hill with the possibility of hitting an innocent person from behind.

Even if they ride a cat down the mountain, the employees have to deal with a possible hostile situation and an employee will have to take time from his or her work to take care of someone who might at the bottom of the mountain get into a vehicle and drive away.

Congratulations to Aspen Skiing Co. for being concerned about the safety of their guests.

They should be commended for their actions, not criticized.

L.J. Erspamer