Safety is not the issue |

Safety is not the issue

City Councilman Tony Hershey’s letter to the editor stated that “both (the Castle Creek and Maroon Creek bridges) will need to be replaced in the very near future. However, CDOT is likely not going to replace them unless it is part of the greater (Tony’s word) Entrance to Aspen project (Straight Shot and Tunnel).”

From a councilperson, I expect truth. Thankfully, Bert Myrin responded with some factual truths about these bridges.

“The Maroon Creek Bridge was built for the Midland Railroad and designed to support freight trains hauling hundreds of tons of ore from Aspen to Leadville.

“CDOT is required to inspect and report on the safety of the bridge annually. If the bridge is ever determined unsafe, it would be irresponsible for CDOT to risk human life by holding the community hostage by requiring completion of the straight shot.”

Bridge safety should not be an issue in the November election. Save Aspen from the straight shot. Vote for the S-curves.

Betty Farson

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