Saddened at the shelter |

Saddened at the shelter

Dear Editor:

We are writing you with great disappointment in the Aspen Animal Shelter. We walked in today with open arms to walk a dog and were treated very unfairly. Seth, who was working the front desk, was sexist, negative and degrading towards us. He immediately assumed we were ignorant women who knew nothing about dogs and even went so far as to suggest the shelter’s current dogs were better suited for an “active male” (even though both of us are runners and frequently rise above the word “active”). Seth went on to say each dog really did not have anything positive to offer to “people like us.” IT IS AN ANIMAL SHELTER! These dogs are abused, neglected, have numerous issues, etc. If we wanted to be with a pure bred, house-trained dog, we would have done so. We wanted to spend time with dogs who need love, attention and physical activity from anyone who comes through those doors with a warm heart.

We are sad to say we both will not be returning to the local shelter anytime soon to walk any of the dogs all because of the way we were treated today by the staff. We are beyond upset to see that a place that welcomes volunteers and encourages pet adoption would treat the public in this manner.

Lara-Anne Stokes and Genna Collins


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