Sad day for the library |

Sad day for the library

I am dismayed and angry to read that Basalt’s wonderful longtime librarian, Jean Winkler, has been shamefully driven off by two board members.

They have the nerve to blame her: Her opinion on a new library site location clouded her presentation of the facts? She failed to build a more constructive relationship with them?

James Brundige never lets facts “cloud” his judgment. He bullies not just Jean Winkler, but everyone on the board and in the audience too!

Peter Frey “has never shied away from expressing opinions” ? over and over and over and over, because no one else understands the facts. It is painful to watch them in action.

Jean has worked beautifully well with a 17-year-long line of board members ? yes! A mutual admiration society ? what an amazing concept in public office!

A group of hardworking people dedicated to getting the job done and being patient, dignified, courteous and respectful of one another. Suddenly she is not capable of working constructively with anyone else? Give me a break!

Mr. Frey says that the only agenda he came on the board with was a promise to spend money wisely to provide the best possible library services. Under the Basalt column we learn that the current proposed budget includes $11,000 for yet another survey, but only $12,000 for books.

More money is budgeted for architect fees for a library neither approved nor funded than for expenses. This is wise? We are talking about a library here, right? A place that provides books and other information sources to the public? Am I missing something here?

Neither Mr. Brundige nor Mr. Frey has a clue how to run a library, and neither seems the least bit interested in finding out. All they care about is the location of the new library building. All they care about is wielding power.

They arrived with an axe to grind, and grind it they did until we arrived at the sad place we are at today: NO NEW LIBRARY AND NO LIBRARIAN.

Anna M. Naeser


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