Sacredness of life |

Sacredness of life

As “his-story” would have it, Sept. 11 is a very sobering day of awareness. It is in its own way a gateway. As it is a corridor of perception to the decisions, beliefs and doings that culminated in an unretractable event.

It is also a passage to the future. The future is not so direct, with much possibility of wisdom, compassion and dedicated action. We can never change what did or didn’t happen, but we can learn from the experience and apply that to our current beliefs, decisions and doings.

For me, it is a day of reflection and conscious awareness of who I am in this moment. And if I am doing, being and honoring in every way the life I have so graciously been given for my brief walk of this earth.

Perspective is an amazing thing. As one shifts their perspective, things not considered from the previous stance become more apparent. Consider where you are in your life today from this event and others. What are the forces that have shaped where you are today?

I send you love in these typed words this day. I hope you can feel this love. This is probably my dearest heartfelt desire; for all to perceive the love that surrounds us. To put down the weapons, defenses and judgments that keep us away from each other, and begin the work of healing. Healing ourselves, our relationships, each other, as well as the earth.

We each have a part to do. We each have our gifts. We all have our stuff which, if known and honored (not worshiped), can lead to our greatest healing. What has been done, is done. We can never go back. The past is sealed, except for reflection. What we have is this moment.

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Really, it is all we really have. Each moment cascades into the next. How we are in this moment creates the future. Do not look to others, who have forgotten the love and light as an excuse for us not to live our sacred truths. If we live in the fear and horrors of the past, our possibilities to shift to a more desired place are lost.

Reach for whatever blocks your true light and put it to rest. Clear your perspective to heal and reach others with love and respect to determine that we know what not to do, and do what it is for us to choose to heal the future now.

Be the love you seek. Be the peace you seek. Be the remembering of the sacredness of life, and live it for all to see and feel and learn from.

Sunny Redmond

Snowmass Village