Sacked by big government

Dear Editor:

Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan recently told an Aspen audience that the federal government was “overactive” and should stop interfering. He could have made the same comments regarding local government.

Basalt is now leading the charge to penalize disposable grocery bag use. Most people recycle these bags. If that were not so, we would have a huge litter problem on our streets. Changing behavior patterns by limiting use of these disposables will only result in more costly substitute consumption.

Is it not about time that governments stop social engineering? More troubling is the use of government to further special-interest goals. They use the heavy armor of government – taxes and regulation – to run front-line interference. Government becomes the ultimate “fixer.”

Years ago in a prime “feel good” moment the city of Aspen passed paid parking regulations. What were the results? A big money grab by Aspen. A new and growing layer of government. A bigger “hassle” factor for drivers. More pain for merchants.

Those of you who are tired of government meddling please call Basalt Town Hall to be notified by email of coming hearings on the disposable bag issue.

Let the silent majority be heard for once!

Roy Chorbajian



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