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S-curves the solution

The point is to keep the traffic flowing. The present highway alignment is the solution.

Replace the two bridges as four lanes, widen the roundabout so no one has to stop, take out traffic lights, and four-lane the S-curves. (They are already three lanes.) We can then keep the traffic moving at safe speeds.

The straight shot wanders aimlessly all the way over to the Marolt Barn, wasting all of the open space. The straight shot is indeed wasteful, extremely expensive and will cause more traffic standstills waiting behind traffic lights.

We don’t believe the coercive threats about not receiving funding from CDOT if we don’t approve the “strange tunnel idea.” They promised us a train, but I don’t see any alignment in place for one.

We were told that the S-curves cannot accommodate train tracks and that is why we had to sacrifice open space. Remember, there is no train. Even if we put one in, the downvalley commuters tell us that they will not ride it.

The S-curves are the solution.

Wendy Nevins


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