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S-curves are killing Aspen

Dear Editor:Awwwright. Do we get to argue about the four-lane into Aspen again?! I love this. Let’s have another election! Or better yet, how about a strong body of elected officials willing to do what is necessary for this community.When does Main Street feel like a small-town street? How about when it is not jam-packed with cars? Please, what is small-town feel about traffic backed up to the Jerome and people honking and flipping each other off as they debate the question of merge versus yield? There is nothing small-town about traffic jams. The S-curves are killing Aspen’s small-town feel.Do people who live in town really think that imposed traffic jams help to preserve the community? Help to keep people out? Haven’t we learned in the last 30 years that imposing miserable driving conditions on 82 has not slowed demand for Aspen (or at least enough to make a difference). Environmental question: When analyzing a trip from the Jerome to the ABC, what creates more pollution, a trip that takes 10 minutes or a trip that takes 20 minutes? Wouldn’t the “environmental” community be in favor of a solution that reduces the number of minutes cars spend on the roads?A new bridge over Castle Creek is necessary. How big it is and who gets to drive on it may be the source of a compromise in which I would urge our elected officials to engage. The status quo is not working and makes me feel like I’m in the big city every time I get to idle on Main Street. Funneling all traffic over the existing narrow Castle Creek Bridge is not a long-term solution, no matter how you slice and dice traffic use of Main Street and the West End.Scott WriterAspen

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