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S-curve a clogged artery

Dear Editor:Mr. Jenkins, the S-curve doesn’t slow traffic, traffic lights (not stoplights) slow and control traffic. The S-curve is a clogged artery, which stops traffic. It’s just that simple!As you correctly observed, “I made the choice to live downvalley” and for good reason. I and hundreds of other people are not as fortunate as you to live in Aspen. Believe it or not, hundreds of us work in Aspen, spend money in Aspen, enjoy all the cultural and entertainment events in Aspen, and we even take the bus to and from Aspen. Are you suggesting that now we all walk or bike to Aspen?The S-curve experiment at Cemetery Lane during peak morning and afternoon hours is a logically fruitless experiment that defies all the laws of traffic flow. This experiment is like diverting water from a pipeline and placing it into the same pipe in another upstream location. In this case, traffic is diverted – right-turn only – from Cemetery Lane to the roundabout and then back to Cemetery Lane. This just puts more stress on the roundabout and doesn’t do anything to relieve the congestion inbound from downvalley caused by the s-curve. It doesn’t make sense! Say good -bye to $40,000. You may as well take this money and throw it over the Castle Creek bridge. I am particularly impressed with the fact that Terry Paulson now has credibility in predicting traffic solutions now that he is driving a taxi. I’m particularly interested on what facts he has based his prediction, where simple logic points to this S-curve experiment as a failure.Regarding the Canary Initiative: I can just see John Worcester standing on Main Street at the S-curve during the outbound p.m. traffic jam with a caged canary to see if it dies. Maybe this will be the best test of the success of the Canary Initiative.Jay “JBird” LeavittCarbondale

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